13. Hightea with Dan McRae aka The Hidden EP „3:30pm“(24.02.20)

Crossing borders: two beatmakers from Berlin joined high tea with The Hidden aka Dan MacRae from Southampton. Check out what these three dudes brewed on their new five track EP full of dusty beats and chilled vibes. Well, off we go. Check out the stories behind the EP, pictures and videos here: http://bit.ly/330pm_info

Here are some responses we had on the EP:

Intoxicating and exiting (Le Visiteur) +++ Sounds that grip the soul (Word Is Bond) +++ Blending the genres of Lo-Fi, Indie and Downtempo rocomoco + The Hidden is something that is a pleasure to chillout to (Stereofox) +++ Hypemachine Charts Top 10 +++ Playlist picks by Apple Music Beatstrumentals, Czech Vibes, Lofi Study Beats, Sphere of Hip Hop, IndieShuffle and many more.

Water is boiling for high tea at 3:30pm

Btw. the first single and title track went Top 10 in the Hypem charts!

The EP has been released by the lovely label Aviary Bridge Records from Eindhoven. Sidenote: Garot Michael Conklin from New York (who played trumpet on „bouncy“) has connected us months ago with the label. That’s the way it goes in the lofi family – thx Garot!


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