Chapter 18 Bonjour HipDozer – Dawn with Devon Rea

Cover by Hugo Mut for HipDozer

We are writing here to share our expiriences in the global community of lofi beatmakers and to tell the stories behind the creative ideas we had in mind for our instrumentals. The single „dawn“ has been released in early spring 2021 but we started to work on that tune in summer 2020 together with the talented Devon Rea from Texas. We tried to catch the euphoric vibe of the moment when you feel something new, something overwhelming good and beautiful lies in front of you. Here it was a very peaceful early morning on a warm summer day in the countryside, the fog rised from the river and the birds already sang loudly to scrare away the darkness. Some original field recordings from that morning went into that track.

Early morning summer vibes

Out of the sudden HipDozer had sent us a direct message on Instagram. After a short chat we pitched „dawn“ to that fantastic first wave classic lofi hiphop label we love so much and the agreed for a release of this collab single! Here is what they wrote about the track: „Devon Rea from Texas and the German producer duo rocomoco are keeping things chilled and inspiring with “Dawn”, a track to soothe your soul. This track brings organic vibes with calming melodies, resulting in a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you are studying for an exam, struggling to fall asleep, or in need of refreshing vibes, this chillhop beat is the right choice for your ears.“ Feb 5, 2021 by Mathieu Leglise

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