15 Falling Apart with Hoffy Beats from Copenhagen

We are pretty fanatic when it comes to cover artworks and there is always a story behind. Even in case of our new single „Falling Apart“ (link in bio). A few months ago and out of the sudden the paylist curator @its_dreamy_yt picked an old rocomoco tune called „somewhere else“. We checked his playlist on Spotify and were totally flashed from his playlist cover art. What’s happening with the guy standing alone in the pouring rain starring at his smartphone? Oh, he looks so sad. There is always someone on the the other end of a mobile message who is getting affected emotionally. Maybe he got a message from his girl friend saying that she wants to split up? We don’t know, but always wanted to create a track that catches the mood, the feelings and our imagination of the situation where yearning, desperation and pure beauty are close together. We were more than happy when we found Karen Lopèz from Spain @kiileray who was able to set our idea into a picture which became the artwork of our new single „Falling Apart“ with Hoffy Beats from Copenhagen. Thx @aviary.bridge for your support finding Karen! Don’t miss to visit Jonas Hoffmann’s Insta @hoffybeats and check out this incredible talent in playing an outstanding jazzy piano. He now is an absolute highflyer within the lofi hiphop producer scene!


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