12. „I love you (너무 사랑해)“- with ESAE from Los Angeles on Orikami Records from Paris

In the words of the blessed singer ESAE:

I worked on a single with awesome producer duo rocomoco. What resulted is a global collaboration spanning across Los Angeles, Berlin, and Paris. Releasing with Orikami Records is always a joy and a privilege, and I’m excited to show you this single and the gorgeous artwork by Zomkashwak.

„i love you (너무 사랑해)“ is a wholesome and sweet song about unconditional love. I feel like we could all give and take some of it, no matter what kind of day it is. I feel like this is most representative with my relationships with cats HAH. They let me pet them and I love them because the way they are, even though they don’t love me back sometimes :‘)

The song is now on all platforms for streaming and purchase! (https://song.link/i/1484137151). I hope to make some brighter, happier songs in the future and this is a good start.

With all my love,

Artwork by https://zomkashwak.com/

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